Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Playing with the NOOK HD+

I now have the Kingston MobileLite wireless working pretty much they way I want to. At least for now. WiFi works, but not in bridged mode. But I'm sure that just some minor configuration issues. Looking at the wifi script, and how WiFi is initialized and configured in the stock image should solve that. I wouldn't flash it without having access to the serial port, but it would be possible to do so, and a very stupid move. Time to move on to other projects. I guess I will pick this one up again at some point.

So, back to what I'm really trying to write about here. I bought a NOOK HD+ a little while ago. If I find any hardware that I think is worth a lot more than it's selling for, I have a bad habit of buying it. Regardless of wither I need it at all. I have already been using it to review and backup pictures while out traveling, but now it's time for some fun. I have two things I want to try out.
  • Firefox OS (Gecho)
  • Ubuntu touch
Both systems are rather new for me, so this should be a fun project for a while. But first things first. I want to be able to dual (or triple) boot the device, so I still can keep CM11 on the internal storage. So I guess I will have to do something to make that work. I know people have been dualbooting the device with U-Boot on a SD card, and it also seems like CWM is used to select where to boot from, so i guess that is a start.

As always, don't expect anything to happen to soon. But these projects should entertain me for quite a while.

I have cheated a little, and already started to look at this. So I have Ubuntu Touch running on the internal storage of the device. But it's an old build and the project seems to be discontinued, so I guess there is some work to do there. If anyone want to check it out the, more information can be fond on the wiki. The main image that is linked there seems to be deleted from the servers, so I used this instead. It boots, but there are some minor issues. But I guess it will help if I can port the new image.

But again, first I want to fix the dualboot.

After checking around a bit, it looks like U-Boot is used to boot from the SD-card, but a project called cyanoboot is used as a second stage bootloader and selection menu. Not CWM, as I mentioned earlier, sorry about that.


  1. Hi
    is there any way i can change the MAC address of this device

  2. If you make any progress towards wireless bridge mode, please post on how. Also, I designed this PCB to solder directly on to the MLW221.
    The smaller board is made to connect it to the XJack connector from an old 3COM 10 Mbps ethernet PC Card. (Specifically this one.

    1. Nice, that looks great.
      I haven't touched the MLW221, so no progress there I'm afraid. But if you check out the repo, I guess it should be doable.

  3. Hi Erik,
    I have got a problem with the MobileLite G2. I would like to connect my data Logger (Voltcraft K204) with the ML G2 so that i can get the data into the iPad an use it with the App toastmaster.
    Do you know if there is a way to put the linux driver for the CP210x USB to UART Bridge Virtual COM Port (VCP) on the MobileLite G2?

    It has to be a easy way because I got no experience with Linux, I am only a Mac user. Any ideas how I can go on?